Our most successful projects


10 steps to a successful project!

1. Welcome to Skysun

Thank you for trusting us, we seal our partnership through a collaboration contract.

2. Contact with the project manager

Launch of the photovoltaic project -> Contact with our Project Manager for the follow-up of the project.

3. Grid study

We study with the grid operator the possibility of adding a production unit to the public grid.

4. Stability study

We analyse the strength of your roof to ensure that your PV system can be installed.

5. Definition of the construction date

We provide you with a date when our contractor will come to install the panels.

6. Electrical acceptance of the system

An independent body will come and check that the installation has been carried out in accordance with the national and European standards in force.

7. Adaptation of your meter

Your electricity meter is adapted by the network operator. No worries, no power cuts are necessary!

8. Checking the electronic protection system (decoupling relay)

The grid operator checks the function of the configured decoupling relay in the photovoltaic system’s switchboard. This relay is used to switch off the system in the event of abnormal electricity production.

9. Start-up of the installation

After the last visit of the grid operator, your system is switched on. – On the way to years of green energy. 🌿🧷🌍

10. Sending the file to the regional regulator

The green certificate file is sent to the regulator. The period of your contract will be defined by the date of the visit of a representative of the organisation.

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