About Skysun


One mission: Financing Europe’s energy transition.
One vision: Creatively stimulating organisations to become actors in sustainable development. 

Ocean levels are rising, new animal species are endangered every day and the air in our cities is becoming unbreathable. Humanity is facing an unprecedented challenge: global warming. How can we reduce our carbon emissions while our society and businesses desperately need energy?

Skysun, let’s Europe shine!

Skysun was born out of a desire by its co-founders, Arthur and Léopold, to make solar energy easy and accessible to everyone. Although it is clean and sustainable, switching to solar energy often seems expensive, complex, and risky. Skysun helps you to lift these barriers and lets you enjoy the many benefits of this cheap energy: a collaborative solution to which everyone brings its qualities. Your roof (land or car park) and our know-how in photovoltaics. The risks are reduced and the benefits are shared equally.

We firmly believe in decentralizing the means of production and in energy autonomy. We do everything possible to ensure that everyone has access to it.

We are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

They certify our objectives

We share 5 values







A passionate team

Arthur Dawans – Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Arthur’s analytical skills and excellent command of finance make him an indispensable asset in managing our various projects. He is responsible for structuring the team’s efforts with a solid legal and financial foundation.

Léopold Coppieters – Co-Founder / Chief Solar Officer

Passionate about the environment and renewable energy, Léopold shapes Skysun’s strategy. He is responsible for developing long-term opportunities and growth partnerships.

Benoit Callewaert – Advisor

With more than 20 years of experience in the construction sector, Benoit supports Skysun in implementing its projects.

Tim Beck – Head of Solar Development 

Tim is responsible for the sales and support of our partners. With his positive approach, his dynamism and his commercial skills, he is the driving force behind the development of Skysun!

Marco Zandonà – Solar Project Manager

Our project manager Marco is the essential element in the smooth running of our projects. Versatile and rigorous, the management of complete projects holds no secrets for our accomplished rugby player. 

Isis – Solar Dog

She is the cutest of the team. Her passion?  Walking on rooftops

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